Wilmer Herrison was born in Maracaibo, Zulia State, Venezuela, on 29 September 1978. He is a Venezuelan painter. Established today in Paris, he creates modern works that bear the thousand-year history of Amerindian and European cultures, and his youth was imbued with the colours of his native city and the strength of a luxuriant nature.

From Lake Maracaibo, his painting draws its colours and reflections. It is in this city, which combines colonial architecture and contemporary creation, that he travels through all fields of art and creation, developing his vocation as a painter. at the age of 23, he chose to leave for France where he enrolled at the École du Louvre. There he studied the techniques used in ancient frescoes, the painting of Italian and Flemish primitives.

At the age of 32, he enjoyed early recognition in his native country, exhibited the same year in two national museums: the Funda Museo Museum in Barquisimeto and the Juan Astorga Anta Museum of Modern Art in Merida (Venezuela).

Wilmer Herrison developed a technique based on line and colour, optical fusion producing false similarities organised according to a privileged point of view, evolving both at a distance and near. This technique is based on the juxtaposition of unmixed colour touches on the surface to be painted and on optical fusion, generating a depth effect.




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