Exhibition Jackie’O Collection

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15 – 30 June 2016 Florence Italy

Jackie’O Collection is inspired by the life of Jacqueline Lee Bouvier said the wife of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and his second wife. Herrison, Venezuelan artist, has developed a line of jewelry made with a clever French goldsmith. The jewels are all of precious stones and metals that have been used for their symbology. In addition to the men’s and women Herrison has designed bags and accessories fashion jewelry that are presented for the first time in Florence in June 2016. The Wilmer Herrison Haute Couture is the result of experience as a designer began with a line of glasses in 2013 year in which he collaborated with the designer Piero Massaro for the WH collection inspired by his paintings. Herrison participated with a lamp at the Venice Design Week and now is developing projects of high fashion and jewelry design that are presented for the first time in Florence during Pitti Uomo 2016.


Herrison, Venezuelan artist, lives in France and Italy. The artist develops a very special technique that moves on the canvas his spirituality and his quest for who and what moves the world around us. Edgar Gonzales suggests “recent paintings in the line separates, frames, configures, skirting around the canvas, fragmenting into formal structures and sequential color, which, depending on the viewer’s perspective, give life to a depth of infinite planes”. Gérard Xuriguera emphasizes “The strong belief pushes Herrison to transfer in his paintings a spiritual vision where the optical effects give us infinite perspective planes. Work with the knife edge almost weaving the fabric, such compositions carefully woven by hand, without the use of traditional instruments such as the brush, require careful discipline, inner calm, removing the pictorial material, a play on proportions, giving the canvas new life “. He has exhibited in Venice in 2010 and 2011, Venezuelan museums preserve his works and we can name: the Museum of Barquisimeto (Venezuela) and MACZUL, Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

work in progress da tradurre in Spagnolo