Saphira & Ventura Gallery is pleased to present Transitions, a collective exhibition, at 4 W 43rd st. #415 New York, NY.
The gallery will be presenting its newest group exhibition focused on decline, transformation, and renewal. The exhibition will feature works by Argentinian photographer, Nicolas Savine, who captured the majesty of Perito Moreno. Figurative works will also be exhibited by Sam Dobrow whose translucent depiction of the
human body captures its multiple interpretations. In the category of painters, abstract artist, Cija, whose juxtaposition of colors capture the fading essence of transitions.

Along with with this, there is the geometric works of Parisian based artist, Wilmer Herrison, originally from Venezuela. Herrison’s work highlight his great inspiration by leading op-art masters. The highly technical works of Hannah Sypniewski will also be featured, containing intricate patterns and Fibonacci sequences. This
exhibition will also see the New York debut of Brazilian artist, Thamilli Rolim, based in Petrolina, Brazil, a figurative artist, her work explores and seeks to create new harmonies, where past and present are in dialogue with each other. The poignant minimalism of Korean artist, Bo Mi Jo will also be included. Among these contemporary works will be an early work of Niki de Saint Phalle and an oil by Mexican master, Francisco Toledo. Together with their contemporary neighbors, these artists’ works will highlight the spirit of transitions, incompleteness, and
renovation, whether it is in technique, iconography, color, or form.

This exhibition is curated by Alcinda Saphira. Production: Camila Crivelenti, Albert Valente, Liz Carvalho, and Nicholas Spinozzi.